8" and 12" Gymnastics Landing Mats

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Throw down this Landing Mat anywhere you need a surface softer than a carpet bonded foam floor!


Our Gymnastics Landing Mats are constructed with only high quality materials and techniques. The covers on these mats are made from heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl, and are filled with a filler that uses a layering system, making it easy to replace internal sections if necessary. The tops and bottoms of these mats are solid, and the sides are made of a mesh webbing. This mesh webbing on the sides allows for optimum air control inside the mat while landing.


These Landing Mats come in two thicknesses, 8" and 12". Choose which one is right for you.

Custom Colors

We offer a selection of 4 colors on this page, but we have many more you can have custom fabricated if you choose to. These extra custom colors (no additional charge) are as follows: Maroon, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Grey, Pink, Tan, Purple, Lime Green, and White.

You can also specify the color of the mesh webbing that comprises the side. The colors available for the mesh webbing are as follows: Light Blue, Red, Green, and Black. If you want one of these colors, either give us a call Toll-Free: 1.888.457.2213 or let us know during the checkout process. (See the "Special Instructions" comments box on the cart page.)

Other Options

These mats come standard with the top and bottom as solid vinyl, and the sides as mesh webbing. However, if you want to switch this so that the top is a mesh webbing, and the sides and bottom are solid, (for no additional charge) please give us a call Toll-Free: 1.888.457.2213 or let us know during the checkout process. (See the "Special Instructions" comments box on the cart page.)

You can also have your mat in a folding version. (Not available for all sizes.) Bifolding mats have one "fold line" (two sections), and Trifolding mats have two "fold lines" (three sections).


Shipping is $119, and takes approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery.


All of our gymnastics equipment comes standard with a 2 year limited warranty.

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