The 360 Boulder Back Handspring Trainer

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The 360 Boulder Back Handspring Trainer (US Patent No. 7789805) is one of the most effective tools for the teaching and learning of back handsprings! What makes the 360 Boulder different from other shaped trainers? This amazing tool, unlike other any other trainers, utilizes a specially designed flat side that allows this training tool to do so much more!

For example, this training tool is always ready to use, because its design allows it to roll back to the original position after each and every use. It also provides proper support for the user throughout the entire drill! The user must first transfer their weight properly before the 360 Boulder will start to roll. The 360 Boulder will never roll onto or over the top of the user, and will not discharge the user early. It also instigates the learner to "snap down".


The 360 Boulder is made with only the highest quality materials available, as well as the same detail as all of our products. It also carries our 2 year warranty.


The 360 Boulder comes in different colors depending on the size you get. Please refer to the color and size chart below for detailed specifications.


The 360 Boulder Back Handspring Trainer comes in three sizes, Small (25"), Medium (35"), and Large (40"). Please use the color and size chart below to figure out which size(s) are best for you!

Color and Size Chart

360 Boulder Size

User's Height


Small (25") Up to 52" Blue
Medium (35") 50" - 60" Red
Large (40") 60" or taller Green



Shipping is $189, and takes approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery.


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