360 Folding Tumbling Mats

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360 Folding Tumbling Mats come in three types! Choose between our Standard 1 3/8" thickness, Premium 2" thickness, or the 2 3/8" thick Power Tumbling Mat.  


Special Features

  • All 360 Folding Tumbling Mats are made of Crosslink Foam which boasts both superior energy absorption and resilient cushioning. It is a lighter-weight material that stubbornly resists degradation and breakdown. (unlike carpet pad, or even packing foam like competitors)
  • Made only with superior heavy-duty construction techniques, including 18 oz vinyl.
  • Make a longer tumbling run by connecting two or more mats together! (There is a 2" wide Velcro strip on both of the ends so that our Folding Tumbling Mats are easily expandable)
  • Folded and easily stored in a closet or under a bed.
  • 2 3/8" thick Power Tumbling Mat features an extra 1" of High Rebound foam creating a "springy" mat. Ideal for higher skill levels and exhibitions where spring floors are not feasible.
  • 3 year extended warranty!
  • Made in the USA (so important to know you can trust the quality!)

Finding the Perfect Mat

Standard 1 3/8" thick 1 3/8" Crosslink foam Beginning - Intermediate

cartwheels, rolls, bridges, handspirngs, roundoffs

Premium 2" thick 2" Crosslink foam Intermediate multiple handsprings, flips
Power 2 3/8" thick 1 3/8" Crosslink foam + 1" High Rebound foam Advanced multiple handsprings, layouts, fulls



You can choose velcro on "two sides". Your mat would feature 2" wide velcro on the short ends to attach mats end to end to create a tumbling strip.

You can choose velcro on "four sides". Your mat would feature 2" wide velcro on all sides to attach mats side by side or end to end. Creating a a tumbling strip or a larger matted area.


Standard colors are Royal Blue or Rainbow. However you can combine any color combination you wish at no extra charge. For example "alternating Red and Royal Blue". Royal Blue, Rainbow, Black, Gray, White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Tan, Light Green, Green, Purple, Light Blue. Please note that lighter colors show dirt more easily and may require more frequent cleaning.

Please specify the color(s) you wish when you order (under the "notes" section).


All 360 Tumbling products feature a 2 year limited warranty. (The 360 Folding Tumbling Mats feature an additional 1 year warranty extension to make a 3 year limited warranty!)



Items ship in about 2-5 weeks depending on the product. Shipping is $45 per mat.

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