8" Stunt / Parkour Landing Mat

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The 8" Stunt / Parkour Landing Mat features sturdy nylon handles for easy positioning and transport. Fits into places where thicker pits won't.


Special Features

  • The 8" Stunt/ Parkour Landing Mat features a soft 36 ILD filler. 
  • Made only with superior heavy-duty construction techniques.
  • Each mat includes sturdy nylon handles on all four sides, 18 oz vinyl sides and bottom.
  • Mesh top for extra comfort.
  • Color is Black unless specified.
  • 3 year extended limited warranty!
  • Made in the USA (so important to know you can trust the quality!)


All 360 Tumbling products feature a 2 year limited warranty. (The 8" Stunt / Parkour Landing Mat features an additional 1 year warranty extension to make a 3 year limited warranty!)



Shipping is $159 per mat and usually ships in 4-6 weeks. 

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